Engineering services according GOST 34233

In the past years, HITARD Engineering has been provided the engineering services according GOST standards for various pressure vessels and heat exchangers.

GOST Standards are the national standards of the Custom Union of Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

GOST 34233 : 2017 Vessels and apparatus. Norms and methods of strength calculation.
GOST  34233-1 General requirements
GOST  34233-2 Calculation of cylindric and conic, shells convex and flat bottoms and covers
GOST  34233-3 Reinforcement of openings in shells and heads under internal and external pressure. Strength calculation of shells and heads under external static loads on the nozzle
GOST  34233-4 Strength and leak-tightness calculation of flange joints
GOST  34233-5 Calculation of shells and heads from Influence of support loads
GOST  34233-6 Strength calculation under low-cyclic loads
GOST  34233-7 Heat-exchangers
GOST  34233-8 Jacketed vessels and apparatus
GOST  34233-9 Apparatus of column type
GOST  34233-10 Vessels and apparatus involving hydrogen sulphide media
GOST  34233-11 Method of strength calculation of shells and heads according to weld misalignment, angular misalignment and shell nonroundness
GOST  34233-12 Requirements for representation of the strength calculations carried out on the computer