Hitard Quality Policy

ISO 9001 14001

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Quality and Environmental Policy provides framework for the company "HITARD ENGINEERING", whose main task is to constantly maintain and improve quality of business in order to achieve the highest quality of services, while keeping in mind not to compromise the environment. The company management is committed to maintaining and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the integrated management system through successive cycles of setting goals, monitoring and analysing achievements, reviewing and redefining the goals, and acting in line with the redefined goals.

Therefore, we are establishing the following principles of quality and environmental policy:

Customer Focus

Providing services that fully meet the requirements, needs and expectations of our customers is a priority in all our activities.

Continual Improvement

Consistent implementation and continuous improvement of quality and environmental management systems in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 series of standards makes a prerequisite to achieve business goals


Quality of service is assured with the increase of efficiency and effectiveness of work, while expanding to new markets which provides conditions for long-term successful business

Services Quality

Integrated management system envelopes all business processes that ensure the required quality of services together with the preservation of the environment

Mutual Benefit

With all interested parties we strive to achieve a mutually beneficial business relationship in accordance with the relevant legislation

Pollution Prevention

We are committed to the principles of pollution prevention, sorting and proper disposal of waste

People Involvement

All employees are responsible for the implementation of the system, achieving the required quality of services and improving the environmental protection processes

High Competence

By providing various trainings for our employees we make sure to achieve high competence and work quality

The management reviews the quality and environmental policy on regular basis, as well as the complete documentation of the integrated management system. Their actions ensure a permanent realization of a continuous flow of managerial and executive activities which transform the requirements and needs of our clients into a quality service, thus securing the survival and development of the company and satisfying interests, needs and desires of all the parties involved.

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