Engineering services according GOST R 52857

In the past years HITARD Engineering has been provided the engineering services according GOST standards for various pressure vessels and heat exchangers.

GOST and GOST R Standards are the national standards of the Custom Union of Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

GOST R 52857 Vessels and apparatus. Norms and methods of strength calculation.
GOST R 52857.1 General requirements
GOST R 52857.2 Calculation of cylindric and conic, shells convex and flat bottoms and covers
GOST R 52857.3 Reinforcement of openings in shells and heads under internal and external pressure. Strength calculation of shells and heads under external static loads on the nozzle
GOST R 52857.4 Stength and leak-tightness calculation of flange joints
GOST R 52857.5 Calculation of shells and heads from influence of support loads
GOST R 52857.6 Strength calculation under low-cyclic loads
GOST R 52857.7 Heat-exchangers
GOST R 52857.8 Jacketed vessels and apparatus
GOST R 52857.9 Determination of stresses at nozzle-to-shell and head junctions under action of pressure and external loads on the nozzle
GOST R 52857.10 Vessels and apparatus involving hydrogen sulphide media
GOST R 52857.11 Method of strength calculation of shells and heads according to weld misalignment, angular misalignment and shell nonroundness
GOST R 52857.12 Requirements for representation of the strength calculations carried out on the computer