Focus on the future

Recent customer research worldwide has shown that governments and the market sector are placing increasingly higher demands on products in the process industry. At all stages of the production process, from the project definition and tendering phase, to the detail engineering and then to the final delivery, a high degree of confidence and reliability of the calculation results are expected, so that the manufacturer can at all times guarantee to meet all customer requirements and industry standards.

This means that continuous innovation in improving products and services for manufacturing companies is no longer a strategic option, but an absolute survival necessity. With the shifting of business management standards and your technical possibilities, you also meet the wishes of your customer, even with a view on the future. The product must bring and create as much value as possible to and for the customer. It is also of great importance to serve your customers as much as possible, in all phases of the sales and manufacturing processes. After all, your customers are human and a good healthy relationship with professionalism always maintains a strong bond between both parties.

Hitard Engineering attaches great importance to the harmonious and long-term relationship with our customers and our partners. It is of great strategic importance to us that the opinion and specific technical needs of our customers are properly supported by carefully listening to those needs and translating them into the desired final deliverables to satisfy those expectations and give solid confidence in the results derived.

The technical climate has changed drastically in recent decades. With a severe shortage of experienced engineers and without close links with the academic world, we as companies are unable to meet the fast-changing requirements of the industry. Previously companies were required to do relatively simple, often analytical, calculations in which the component to be delivered was defined and/or verified for strength and stability. Not anymore, now companies are obliged to give more demanding guarantees about the reliability and longevity of their products. This can be achieved by creating 3D models which in turn are then calculated using powerful numerical methods. In real terms this means that in addition to standard code calculations, thermal re-design, finite element method, fatigue life and even CFD analysis must also be carried out.

It is easy to assume that what has worked for your company in the past will also work in the future. In reality, the status quo only works in the long term but changes and developments to and in the industry are much more short term. If a company wants to remain in business, innovation is necessary. If you don’t develop and innovate your services then your competitors will and as a consequence it will put the company out of business. We will continue to innovate at all times our engineering services so that both our customers and we can reap the benefits it brings with it.