Permanent cooperation with the Universities

We have developed an outstanding working relationship with Delft University of Technology. Similarly productive and effective continuing partnership has been established with Faculty of Technical Sciences from Novi Sad, Serbia.

The overall approach to collaboration is based on enlisting academics to help answer practical questions arising from daily contact with the markets.

Students that are noticed by their professors as skilled and eager to learn will get the opportunity, with the help of professionals from Hitard Engineering, to work on their graduate thesis using all the resources that Hitard Engineering has at its disposal. After the graduation some of these students, who made a good impression with their engineering skills and ability to work as a part of team, may have a chance to continue their professional life as our colleagues.

Hitard’s employees continuously improve their knowledge and skills through various kinds of internal and external training and are also, in cooperation with Faculty of Technical Sciences, encouraged to continue studying and expand their knowledge in a field that could help us to improve and expand our services.